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Factory's Basic InformationFilm Introduction
Factory's Basic Information

Product Dosage Form

Pharmaceuticals : powder﹝particle﹞, capsule, pastille, sugar-coating pastille, powder for injection, lyophilized injection, oral liquid, eye drops and ointment.
Health-care food : pastille, powder﹝particle﹞, capsule, liquor and syrup.
Beauty products: liquor, emulsion, oil and cosmestics.


Field area : 7963 square meters
factory area : 3518.69 square meters
building area : 5512.398 square meters
other building area : 1993.708 square meters

Manufacturing equipments

Pure water manufacturing equipment, distilled water manufacturing equipment, manufacturing equipment of water for injection, drier of liquid layer, automatic mixer, high-speed mixing granulator, straightening granulator, pastille machine, sugar-coating machine, capsule filling machine, particle machine, screening machine, capsule polishing machine, aluminum foil racking machine, ointment regulating and mixing machine, injection filling machine, freezing drier, powder filling machine, vacuum emulsification homogenizer, high-shear homogenizer, ultrasonic washing machine, automatic bottle washing machine, cap-tightener, autoclaving equipment, high temperature dry and hot sterilizer, liquid leakage test groove, impurities inspection machine, automatic labeling machine, computer counting racking machine and packing machine.

QC Equipment

Full-automatic high efficiency liquid crystal chromatography, refractometer, infrared spectrophotometer, dynamic viscosity tester, spectrometer of Ultraviolet visible light, viscosity tester, dynamic titrator, dissolution tester, disintegration tester, optical rotation photometer, constant temperature and humidity machine, homogenizer, moisture tester, analytical balance, size distribution tester.

Laboratory Equipments

QC Department﹝Q.C﹞microorganism﹝containing sterile one﹞laboratory.

QC microorganism laboratory

Experiment room

  Clean Laminar
Flow Bench

  Sterile Laboratory
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